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Matching Up Mabel


What do you do when your mother-in-law decides to move in with you?  Becky's house is already chaotic.  Son Kyle has the attention span of a tsetse fly and is barely passing 5th grade.  Daughter Hayley is over-emotional, dramatic, and hormonal.  And husband Scott is simply oblivious to the pandemonium.  Becky turns to BFF for advice and Sue provides a scathingly brilliant solution.  They can find Mabel a boyfriend on Tinder!


Matching Up Mabel is a laugh a minute as Becky and Sue, the modern day equivalents of Lucy and Ethel, hone their matchmaker skills in a valiant attempt to find Mabel a boyfriend, and restore domestic tranquility to an already chaotic home.

Matching Up Mabel is available here.


audience feedback

“Congratulations to Lou Clyde and Chapin Theatre - you have a hit on your hands.  Lou has written a funny, sweet and real show.  I laughed.  I cried.  And I laughed some more.  I felt very connected to the characters.  All the actors were fabulous. Bravo"

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