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Larry Hembree


How refreshing to collaborate with a playwright who trusts the creative process and respects all elements of presenting live theatre that is both engaging and fun.  Lou Clyde has a gift for producing a unique narrative adorned with sharp wit, great roles for actors and shows that can be produced by most theatre groups. I'm excited to see what she comes up with next.


Jim DeFelice
Managing Director-
Chapin Theatre Company

Our theatre company has produced several of Lou Clyde's plays and they have all been top money producers.  The proof is the audience reaction to her works - sheer delight with a side of belly laughs.  We perform near a small town called Irmo, SC.  Affectionatly, she has been given the name Irmo Bombeck.  We love Lou and her humor.



Jessica Fichter
Executive Director
Trustus Theatre


Lou Clyde writes hysterical things and I’ve gotten the chance to say them.  And honestly, these lines are probably the most brilliant things that have ever come out of my mouth.  So if Lou could script my life...that would be great!  All I can say is read her plays.  Spoler alert - turkey penises and GoGirls, does life get any better than that?


George Dinsmore



Lou writes such natural, witty dialogue, which I really appreciate as an actor. And she legitimately seeks honest feedback throughout the process. I have performed in all of her shows to date, and hope to continue that trend.



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