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Lou Clyde Headshot.jpg

Lou is an award-winning playwright living in South Carolina.   She has published full-length comedies.  Audiences love her relatable characters and her wicked sense of humor. 
Lou's award-winning comedy Pouf! was recently staged in New York City as part of the She NYC Arts New Play Festival.  

Lou loves comedy and her humor has been influenced by the works of Erma Bombeck, David Sedaris, and Dave Barry.  She is obsessed with Shitt's Creek.
Lou is a statistician by training and somehow manages to introduce a math lesson into every play.  (Do not let that scare you away.  She has never written about standard deviations.)

Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., Lou is card holding member of Bills Mafia.  She is going to get a Buffalo Bills tattoo when they win the Super Bowl.

Lou has many talents including jump roping and pogo sticking simultaneously.

The Brain of Lou Clyde.jpg
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