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Heck the Dolls with Chardonnay

1M, 5F

An hysterical yet touching story of Sue, a bored and lonely resident of Aged Oaks Retirement Home.

When Sue is visited by her teen-age granddaughter Emma, she takes her and the audience on a raucous trip down memory lane as she recalls the holidays of her past.

The audience quickly discovers that Sue and her old best friend Becky were the Lucy and Ethel of their days.

Sue's re-enacted flashbacks remind us that the stresses of the holidays usually result in the best and funniest memories of life.

Heck the Dolls with Chardonnay is available here.

audience feedback

"If you need a good laugh, go see Heck the Dolls with Chardonnay.  Love Lou Clyde's sense of humor!"

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